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What does it cost you to rent while home values rise?

Let us help you into your own home!

We personally assess every applicant on an individual basis. If you have been declined finance from a traditional institution and are desperate to own your own home, we have a solution for you.

We sell quality homes in nice areas that we would consider homely ourselves. Our goal is to turn that dead rent money into a nest-egg for your future, your OWN HOME!

If you are tired of renting and have nothing to show for it, don’t make another rent payment untill you have ordered our FREE Special Report to the left. It will answer most of your initial questions about vendor finance and explain how our system works.

We like to think that there is always a way – it’s just a matter of which paperwork the legal gurus put it on!
Sick of having to move again and again because the landlord keeps selling the house !

Have the Banks turned you away & rejected you for a home loan because:
  • no savings history
  • too small a deposit
  • a minor mark on your credit
  • divorce
  • age a problem, too young or too old
  • being self employed
  • changing jobs
  • new citizen to Australia
  • maybe your religion doesn’t allow you to go get finance from the bank

What makes us different?

  1. Your purchase price is set at day 1 and doesn’t change
  2. You don’t need a huge deposit
  3. Move in quickly and easily with our simple process
  4. You build equity while living in your own home
  5. You can add value to your home
  6. We’re a “down to earth” and respected family business
  7. We are well established, fair and ethical
  8. Nearly 1/3 of the Australian population are unable to own their own home.
  9. We are not real estate agents, but private investors who believe that everybody deserves a chance at the Great Australian Dream of owning their own home!
We step outside the square and look at your individual situation from a non-traditional viewpoint. It’s not difficult and there are no hidden catches. We use legally binding systems in Australia that date back centuries around the world. We either rent our homes and help you buy it over time or sell our homes with the finance in place, which means after answering a few simple questions you can pay the house off directly to us while you live in it. We aren’t governed by shareholders or unwavering guidelines like banks and other financial institutions; allowing us to think outside the square and help individuals based upon their own merits.

Our system is completely legal throughout Australia and most countries with English law. Instead of treating our properties as a normal “rental investment”, we simply apply a portion of your payments to the price and allow you to pay off your home while you live in it!

If you would like to OWN YOUR OWN HOME, or are interested in what options are available to you, why not contact us today and escape the rental rut – permanently!

We are proud members of the Australian Vendor Finance Association and as such abide by a strict code of ethics and moral standards in the ongoing operation of our business.
Our Skills:
  • We are able to purchase homes fast, without agent commisions
  • We are able to sell homes fast
  • We have a large number of creativesolutions that can be tailored to any residential property situation
  • We have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in our professional team of:
    1. Solicitors
    2. Accountants
    3. Insurers
    4. Quantity Surveyors
    5. Financiers & investors
    6. Management Agents
    7. Real Estate Agents
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