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Do you have idle or low performing money?

Urban Treasure Property offers flexible returns of up to 12%, secured by residential houses. Call us now and discover how this high yield, low risk strategy can start earning you money today!

  • Earn a high yeild
  • Extremely low risk
  • No legal or setup costs
  • Settled by solicitors
  • Security over investments
  • No lock-in terms
  • Who’s this for?

Anyone with surplus money (savings, self managed super fund or term deposit – we’ve even used peoples equity from their home!) can make a secured 12%. You don’t have to be a seasoned investor or guru in Real Estate – leave that to us!

You don’t pay any costs, loadings or commissions. We pay your solicitor’s fees. Your loan is for a short period of time - about two years. We think it’s a high yield low risk way to get a good return, but that is for you to decide!

Why do we pay 12% interest?

We buy houses and on sell them with different forms of Vendor financing, primarily in high growth and demand areas such as major captal cities. We buy more than 1 house per month and receive our financing from either banks or private lenders. Purchase costs add up very quickly, which is where we need investors such as you.

What do we need?

Our business is limited by how fast we can buy houses. There is always a stronger demand for our homes than we can keep up with. We need investors to fund our purchase costs and deposit. Our investments are always purchased below market value and run over a two to three year timeframe, in which we pay above market interest on your funds.

What is the risk?

RISK is defined as “To expose to a chance of loss or damage”.
Quite simply, we leave NOTHING TO CHANCE!

We have invested considerable time and money modelling business, market, consumer and investor risks. We employ proven systems and legal mechanisms, insurances and strategic advice of Australia’s leading professionals in this field. Applicable risks have either been completely removed or factored into our system, ensuring that a worst case scenario does not have any impact on capital or investor funds injected.

We are 100% confident in our proven systems and risk management processes and ensure that all investors are paid before we are!

If you were to act as our investor…

Our transaction is settled by a solicitor with all proper documentation. We pay all legal costs and setup fees, not you. Our honesty, integrity and strategic planning are not the only security we offer. Your money may be secured by a company guarantee, or alternatively you may wish to further protect your investment with a caveat or mortgage over the residential property being purchased. We do ask that these funds be available for two to three years, however should you need your money sooner we can find a substitute investor.

We buy pre-owned residential 3 and 4 bedroom homes at wholesale prices (usually between $300,000 and $600,000). We vendor finance the home to low risk people who either don’t have a large enough deposit or are temporarily unable obtain traditional bank finance. After a a small period of time (usually 12-24 months) buyers usually qualify for a bank loan. We assist them to refinance their home through a bank or mortgage broker and in turn, our underlying loan from investors is paid off. As an investor, you may choose to recycle your money and invest again or have your capital returned.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you require more detailed information or would like to discuss our strategic business plan.

Frequently Asked Questions for Investors

Q: How is my loan structured?
A: Usually, the loan is written as an interest only loan fixed at 12% per annum over two years. After the loan is payed off, you’ll choose whether to reinvest or have your capital returned. You choose to have your interest paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. Of course, we can adjust the terms if necessary.

Q: What happens if the buyer stops making payments to you?
A: If for any reason our buyer should default making their payment to us, we do not default making our interest payment to you. Our investors are key partners in the success of our business. We do everything possible to exceed expectations and meet every interest payment!

Q: What happens if there is a fire?
A: We have sufficient insurances covering the property at all times.

Q: Who will determine what the property is worth?
A: We conduct extensive market research prior to purchasing a property. A valuer from our lenders panel will also value the property accordingly.

Q: Who pays the land tax, council rates, water rates, insurance and maintenance on the house?
A: You pay nothing. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to pay for all costs associated with the house. We monitor our buyers to ensure that all outgoings are paid on time and have reserve funds in place to cover any temporary shortfalls or costs.

Q: Can I liquidate my loan to you before 2 years?
A: Yes, you can liquidate your loan. It may take a few weeks for us to setup other investor funds to substitute with. Please be advised that it’s in your best interest to enter into this agreement with the intent to invest for a minimum of two years.

Q: What are my costs?
A: You have no extra costs, other than supplying the loan amount. All fees are paid by us!

Q: If it’s difficult for your buyers to get bank financing, how do you determine that they’re a good credit risk?
A: We pre-screen our buyers very thoroughly. Our buyers supply us with their credit file. We also confirm they’ve paid current and past landlords on time and verify their employment and income. We look at their debt to income ratio and the amount of their current rent. Plus, they must pay us a minimum deposit of approximately 5% of the sales price of the house.

Q: Is vendor financing new?
A: Vendor financing is centuries old and has been used in Australia since the early 1900’s. Today, vendor financing can frequently be found in country towns and rural properties, as well as capital cities. If you speak to solicitors over the age of 50, they’ll tell you that it was common practice after World War II when banks weren’t lending.

Q: How do you buy your houses?
A: We bargain hard. Also we find that there are a small minority of sellers who have to sell quickly for whatever reason – divorce, job change, too many bills to pay, etc. These sellers are willing to discount their properties in order to have a quick sale and immediate piece of mind.

Q: How are my Funds Secured:
A: Unlike other companies that have recently gone bust, your funds are secured against individual properties that are registered in your name, therefore you own the property.

Q: How does Urban Treasure Property Make Money?
A: The Urban Treasure Property customer’s payment to us is greater than the loan repayment and all running costs associated with the property.  The difference is then either split 50/50 or the investor first gets their 10-12% return and we receive what is left.

Q: Do you buy units?
A: No, not at this time. Our philosophy is that the value is in the land, not the building which also minimises risk to you. Land appreciates – buildings depreciate.

Q: If I were to invest my money and you defaulted payment to me what would happen?
A: Firstly, we have never missed a mortgage payment either personally or through our business. We use a professional management company to direct all payments to our lenders (you) before we get paid. We also allow you to register a caveat over the property, which protects your interests by preventing any further transaction on the property. Remember we are partners and our business would fail if we were to do the wrong thing by you.

Q: Why are you willing to pay up to 12% interest for a loan? Is there a high risk?
A: It’s the availability, not the cost of the money that allows us to purchase property regularly. Bluntly, the numbers stack up and if we can’t raise the money to buy a house, we can’t sell it to make a profit. We have invested considerable time, effort and money ensuring that all possible risks are covered by proven methodologies from the outset.

In Conclusion…

Anyone with surplus money (savings, self managed super fund or term deposit – we’ve even used peoples equity from their home!) can make a secured 12% return. You don’t have to be a seasoned investor or guru in Real Estate – leave that to us! You don’t pay any costs, loadings or commissions. We pay your solicitor’s fees. Your loan is for a short period of time – two years. We think it’s a high yield low risk way to get a good return, but that is for you to decide.

Through every step of this process, we have tried to minimise your risk, because we’re interested in building a lasting relationship with you. If anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it.

You have legal protection and all pertinent documents are communicated efficiently. We are personable people, who answer our phone and emails any time you need to talk.

You will earn a fixed rate of 12% and collect the interest cheques from us monthly or quarterly; you decide.

It’s been our experience that the economy doesn’t affect our buying and selling strategy. People will always need food and a place to live. Property is a safe, secure investment that historically has appreciated over time since records began.

If you are interested in this high yield, low risk investment please fill in the form below. We look forward to a long lasting business relationship with you.

If you would like to OWN YOUR OWN HOME, or are interested in what options are available to you, why not contact us today and escape the rental rut – permanently!

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