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Do you need to sell your home or investment property? Do you need to sell your house fast? Then you have come to the right place.

Urban Treasure Property has the solutions for you. We buy houses fast and you can sell your home to us for any reason and in any condition. We will connect you to our network of professional real estate investors who are looking to buy houses and are ready to make fast no obligation offers on your house, and not only that, some of our investors are ready to pay cash for your home.

Whatever your reason and whatever the condition you are in that makes you need to sell your home fast, we can help!

  • your house needs repairs
  • you are relocating
  • being transferred
  • behind in payments
  • don’t have equity in your house
  • have credit issues
  • facing foreclosure
  • going through a divorce
  • have problems with bad tenants
  • your house is vacant

With our experience and ability on your doorstep, don’t worry about:

  • Agent commissions
  • Selling costs
  • Bank foreclosure
  • Repayments behind
  • High interest rates
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • We might be able to help with your next mortgage repayment if it helps!

Urban Treasure Property understands your unexpected situations and we will create a solution that will best fit your needs, so you can get on with life.

Imagine knowing exactly when you are going to move, knowing exactly what amount of money you will get for your house and knowing that it can be done quicker than usual. Check out our benefits…

Why choose Urban Treasure Property?

Fast settlement - we can settle with you very quickly and for those that need cash quickly this can be a great benefit.
Personalised solutions - we can offer you a variety of ways to sell your property and receive your funds, especially for those that find tax planning a necessity.

Convenience - you can move when you want to and for those who have sold before…you know how important it is to be able to stay in the old home in order to complete either the building or buying of your new one.

Certaintly - the ability to know the money is in the bank and to be able to stay put until you’re ready to move provides comfort and certainty for many.

Save time and money - you can sell your property in its present condition and for those who are time poor it will come as a very welcome relief to know that ‘fixing’ the home in order to attract a buyer is not needed.

Save Money - you do not pay any fees or any commissions.

Save Time - you do not need to search around for buyers. We have network of investors who are ready to buy houses.

A Fast Closing - within few days if needed.

Instant Debt Relief - will take over your payments right away.

No Hassle - you do not need to do anything to your house.

Confidentiality - the information that you submit to us will only be disclosed to the related investors who are ready to buy your house NOW.

Really Simple - just fill in our online form and our team will contact you in shortly.

Selling to Urban Treasure Property is very different to selling your property through a real estate agent.

Urban Treasure Property becomes the direct purchaser, cutting out the middle man so you don’t have to pay fees or agents commissions. The paperwork still remains the same, it simply means you’re going direct to us…the buyer!

If you have made your decision and you are ready to sell your house now, the next step you need to do is to fill out our online form. After that, you will be contacted to discuss with you the sale of your home and offer you no obligation offer for your house. You can sell your home fast as simple as that.

We Buy Houses – Direct – No Agents - No Fees – No Fuss – Fast!

Do you want to save time, money and stress selling your house?
We Buy Houses any size, price, & condition directly from YOU.
We are private investors who  buy houses fast, we don’t list your house we buy it from you.
Whatever your reason to sell fast we can help:

House on the market for months and can’t sell?
Don’t want to pay Agents commission & fees?
Real Estate Agent has not been able to sell your house?
Sick of being a landlord?
Behind in your payments?
Mortgage is more than house value?
Separated or divorced?
Relocating or transferring job?
Bought a new house and haven’t sold the first house?
House in need of repair – we  buy as is?
Inherited property or need to settle an estate?

We aim to relieve you of any stressed-out feeling you might have in selling your house while saving you time and money. What ever your situation, we have a solution.

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